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Common Questions Regarding Our Pellet Mills & Wood Pellets Production Line


1) Can any wood make pellets? - Yes! The key is that the woody biomass be under 13% moisture before pelleting.
2) Do you offer drying solutions for wet or green wood? - We can supply drying systems for 1 tonne per hour plus. Unfortunately we do not offer drying solutions for less than 1 tonne per hour.
3) What about bark? Is that an issue for pelleting? - Bark does not cause issues with pelleting (in fact it often helps as bark contains resins) however a large amount of bark can lead to higher ash in the burning process.
4) Do we need to add binders? - Most of the time there should be no need to add binders in our systems . The high torque and pressure created by our unique systems helps release the natural lignins in the wood which is enough to bind the material together. In high production cases we recommend a small amount of mill conditioner/lubricant, not for binding purposes but to help the pellets release from the die quicker thus giving greater production and creating less wear and tear on the die.