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What is the cost of pellets machine for fish feed nigeria


Most of the fish feeds are imported and the dollar is still very high against Naira. High cost of feed is a big challenge we are facing. It has been a major hindrance to our business. The high cost of fish feeds is affecting us. The only solution for now is self feed formulation and production.

Buy a fish feed pellet machine, users can use cheap raw materials such as straw, grain, soybean milk, rice husk and corn to make fish feed pellets.

Types of fish feed machine

dry and wet type fish feed extruder
Photos: dry and wet type fish feed extruder

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We offer all kinds of fish feed pellet machines including floating fish feed pellet machine and sinking feed pellet machine, which also known as dry type fish feed machine and wet type fish feed machine.

We are fish feed pellet machine manufacturer that help small, medium and large-scale fish pellet production clients set-up a fish pellet plant that is designed to meet your customers‘ specific demands at different capacities.

How much is fish feed machine in Nigeria

The cost of fish pelleting machine depends on the capacity of the machine. We provide small floating fish feed extruder to Nigeria at the prices from US$2000 to US$7500, capacity from 50 to 400kg/h.

Where can i get these machines

If you want to start fish feed business, you can get it form locally dealers & suppliers. You can also buy a fish feed extruder from us at an affordable price. We manufacture different kinds of machines ranging from Feed mill Mixer, Hammer mill, extruding machine (fish feed pelletizing), conveyor, Grind to powder etc.

Fish feed in Nigeria

Fish Feed (floating,Slow And Fast Sinking)
Photos: Fish Feed (floating,Slow And Fast Sinking)

Nowadays, in Nigeria. There are different fish feed options. I'm going to divide these into three categories.

1. Imported Fish Feed.
2. Nigerian Made Fish Feeds (They made here in Nigeria, and are popular brands in the country).
3. Indigenous and self-formulated fish feeds in local feed mills.
These fish feeds are locally made, and they are made by the end users of fish feeds themselves. How do they do this, they do this by going to the local feed mill in order to make them to formulate fish feeds using their formula. Again the same principle of knowing the best feed for your fish is still applying here.

Fish feed in this business takes up over 70 percent on a well-planned catfish fish farm. Why use "well planned", because some fish farms spend much more on the production expense. Thereby increasing unnecessarily the costs of power, staffing and other activities on the farm.