BLMBF Series Pulse Dust Collector

BLMBF Series Pulse Dust Collector

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Applied range

BLMBF Series Flat bag dust filter pulse is a novel and efficient dust removal equipment, it uses the fan, pulse bag dust filter combination as a whole and remove the bag frame structure form, has the characteristics of small volume, large filtering area, to shorten the wind nets, simplified technological process, improving the efficiency of the host has created favorable conditions. This equipment is suitable for the grain and oil, food, feed and other industries of stand-alone dust and light industry, chemical industry, mining, cement and other industries of dust filter.

Product Features

1.Remove small particles difficult to remove in the gas by filtration , with high dust collection efficiency;
2.Bag with long lifetime;
3.Wide usage, simple operation, used in many fields.


Pulse bag filter After digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and improved design of small bag dust collector, the filter adopts the high pressure (0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa) big flow pulse valve detailed filter bag blowing ash removal technology, compared with the domestic other standalone, dust the characteristics of high efficiency. And small volume, light weight, easy installation, simple and compact structure convenient maintenance (filter), widely used in building material, metallurgy, mining, chemical, coal, superfine powder of non-metallic mineral processing industries such as dust gas purification processing system, is the ideal equipment of environmental protection.

Our Factory

■ Technical Data
Model Number of cloth bags(PC) Fan type Electric motor power(kw) Filter area(m²) Air Volume(m³/h)
BLMBF6 6 4-72NO-3.2A 2.2 11.08 1330-2660
BLMBF9 9 4-72NO-3.6A 3 16.65 1990-3980
BLMBF12 12 4-72NO-4A 5.5 22.18 2660-5320