SCQY Series Cylinder-type scalperator

SCQY Series Cylinder-type scalperator

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Applied range

SCQY Series Cylinder-type Scalperator is widely used for pre-cleaning of raw materials in the industries of feed, oil, flour, rice milling, grain warehouse, food, etc.

Product features

SCQY Series Cylinder-type pre-cleaning machine can be used for flour mills, feed mills, and other raw material receiving part industry, used to remove the impurities, such as straw, wheat straw, hemp rope, paper, clods, corn leaves, corn cob and other similar sundry, protect the follow-up equipment. This machine has high yield, less power consumption, simple structure, take up less space, easy maintenance, easy to install, change the screen is convenient and according to the nature of the material selecting suitable mesh, can meet the production requirements and separation effect.


1.It has good cleaning effect and high impurities removing efficiency. The efficiency of removing big impurities is higher than 99%.The big impurities do not contain complete granules or clean materials;
2.Use horizontal arm cylinder, the screen drum with feeding and discharging, choose different sieve mesh, can greatly improve the screening efficiency;
3.Use backward feeding, the screw is settled in the discharging of screen drum, greatly lengthen sieving length improve the sieving effect;
4.Set inspection hole convenience to maintain and replace the sieving mesh;
5.Viewport is settled at the side and top, convenience to watch the working condition of the screening machine.

Our Factory

■ Technical Data
Model SCQY-63 SCQY-80 SCQY-63-Ⅱ
Screen drum diameter Length(mm) 630*800 800*950 630*800
Screen drum speed(r/min) 20 17 20
Power(kw) 0.75(Y802-4) 0.75(Y802-4) 1.5(Y802-4)
Gearbox model WD-73 WD-73 WD-73
Capacity(t/h) 20-40 30-60 20-40
Aspirating capacity(m³/min) 8 12 8
Weight(kg) 290 400 290