Wood Hammer Mill

Wood Hammer Mill

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Introduction of wood hammer mill:

Crushing machine is used for crushing the larger materials into smaller powder for supporting produce wood pellets. Wood crusher is ideal equipment for crushing raw materials like square logs with diameter less than 200mm; But if the material has a diameter of less than 50mm, then wood hammer mill is the best choice. The best thickness of the wood chip is less than 5mm. After milled, the output size can reach diameter 3-5 mm, which is convenient for further processing to get dried and pelletized.

Features of wood hammer mill:

1. Wood hammer mill can crush all kinds of biomass waste into fine powder, such as wood chips, wood shavings, straw, stalk, etc.
2. There is one screener sieve installed at the wood hammer mill bottom, the crushed powder will outlet from the bottom screener hole. If the raw material humidity is smaller than 20%, we will install 24mm sieves, so the machine will crush smaller than 4mm dimension powder. If the raw material humidity is higher, we will install 10-30mm hole screener or we will not install screener.
3. Wood hammer mill main parts are hammers and screener, which are made by our CNC systems, through high technical heat treatment.
4. Wood hammer mill has two big screeners at each side, it can outlet powder from large scope screener hole, to reach high capacity production. There is also a side door switch installed at two sides of the hammer mill, to make the inspecting and repairing process more easily.

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■ Technical Data
Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Number of hammer board(pcs) Size(mm)
SW40 7.5 0.2-0.5 270kg 12 1310*800*1070
SW50 15 0.6-0.8 450kg 16 1380*800*1010
SW65*30 22 0.8-1.5 1100kg 24 1500*1000*1100
SW65*55 37-45 1-2 1500kg 48 1700*1000*1100
SW65*75 55-75 2-3 1900kg 72 2100*1000*1100
SW130*100 90-110 3-4 2300kg 90 2400*1000*1100
SW130*55 130-160 5-6 5300kg 108 2800*1620*2100
SW130*100 160-220 7-7 6800kg 160 3020*1620*2170