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New Zealand 600-800Kg/H Small Animal Feed Making Plant


Name: 600-800KG/H Animal Feed Production Line
Production Capacity: 600-800KG/H
Country: New Zealand
Application: This feed plant is suitable for making livestock and poultry feed pellets. (Sheep, cattle, cow, goat, chicken, etc)

This client is from New Zealand. He was looking for machines to produce and pack feed pellets (feed animal and poultry) and start an animal feed production business. Final the customer was interested in the SWSP300B feed pellet machine, pellet cooler and other machines.

New Zealand 600-800Kg/H Small Animal Feed Making Plant
Photos: 600-800Kg/H Small Feed Making Plant for New Zealand

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This small feed pellet line includes grinding machine, mixing machine, screw conveyor, silo, pellet machine, pellet cooler. The grinding machine can crush the maize and soya bean meal into fine powder, then the fine powder can mix with the wheat bran, bone meal, microelement, vitamin and other raw materials to make the complete feed mesh. At last, by using sunwit feed pellet mill, the mesh is made into feed pellets.

Customer Production Pictures

New Zealand Animal Feed Situation

As New Zealand's dairy, poultry and other livestock industries continue to expand, the overall demand for animal feed is expected to continue to grow. From 2017 to 2020, the dairy industry will continue to maintain an annual growth rate of 1% to 2%, and the poultry and other animal industries are expected to grow by 9%, which indicates that the demand for animal feed will continue to rise. In addition, New Zealand’s major dairy processing companies are planning to implement maximum vegetable fat content requirements for milk production, which may limit the use of palm oil as a base product and increase the demand for alternative animal feed supplies.

Livestock Sector Demand

New Zealand’s poultry, pet, horse and aquaculture sectors are forecast to expand in the next several years. Accordingly, demand for feed in these same sectors is also expected to grow by 104,000 MT or 9% by 2020. Combined with the dairy feed shortfall and the likely reduction in PKE imports, this could lead to an expected feed shortfall in New Zealand of 450,000 MT to 1.27 MMT per year by 2020. For this analysis anticipates domestically produced grain and corn whole crop silage will have an average annual production of 1.81 MMT between 2018 through 2020; equal to the historical average of the last five years.